E-learning course

ecolearn basic

  • CustomerWithout (ecolearn in-house production)
  • Completion: 2013 (updates 2018, 2020)
  • Target groupEnergy consultants, planners, craftsmen
  • Scope: 4 learning modules
  • ServicesConcept, development, distribution


  • Module 1: The passive house standard
  • Module 2: Airtightness of the building envelope
  • Module 3: Fundamentals of ventilation technology
  • Module 4: Calculation of economic efficiency

About the project

Energy-efficient construction has a long historical tradition. However, it was not until the oil crisis of the 1970s that the topic was introduced into industrialised construction (with the Thermal Insulation Ordinance through to the GEG). How can we utilise the principles of energy-saving construction in a contemporary way in order to become climate-neutral as quickly as possible?

We have summarised the "basics" of energy efficiency in four exciting learning modules. The learning modules were developed in-house by ecolearn without a customer order. The special thing about them is that a consistent example project runs through all four modules and is extensively analysed in terms of the energy concept, airtightness, ventilation and cost-effectiveness. We particularly enjoyed developing the many interactions and additional media that can be downloaded in the modules.

The learning modules were among the first to be recognised by the German Energy Agency in 2013 for further training for the "Energy Efficiency Expert List" for federal funding programmes and are known and valued by numerous energy consultants.