Connecting knowledge and people.

Knowledge and

Connecting people.

The idea

Everything in one place - intelligently networked, quickly found! This is how sustainable construction succeeds - from planning to recycling. We bring together what belongs together:

Utilise knowledge

For planners, consultants, craftsmen, building owners and many more.

Passing on knowledge

For manufacturers, associations, educational organisations, publishers and many more.

All knowledge modules in one place

Knowledge is made up of different building blocks. We bundle and link these together so that you can keep track of everything. All content can be easily filtered by properties.

Made for you!

What advantages does the infobase offer for different target groups?

There are many players involved in the building industry - from the client, architects and specialist planners to tradespeople, industry and banks. Each target group has a different perspective. To ensure that all processes go hand in hand, the infobase brings together the various information requirements in one place and provides the required "knowledge modules" in a suitably filtered format.

The infobase can also be used beyond individual construction projects for global tasks, e.g. in knowledge management, marketing or standardisation for companies, associations and universities. The infobase has been developed for everyone involved in the planning and construction of buildings and the preservation of values, across all trades. After all, the transformation to a sustainable construction sector can only succeed if there is a common basis and information is transparent.

Save research time! Everything you need is in one place.

Architects and specialist planners often need a large part of their working time to research specialised information. Surely you know the The challenges:

  • Knowledge is scattered in many places
  • Information filtering is inadequate
  • Product data is not comparable
  • Standards are changed frequently
  • Documents are out of date
  • Source information missing
  • No information on sustainability
  • Suitable contact persons are not available
  • Content information is not transparent

The infobase bundles, sorts and networks specialised information.

The infobase supports you in your everyday life with the following functions:

  • Filter information according to your target group (e.g. architect, specialist planner, energy consultant, expert)
  • Filter specialised content (e.g. by service phase, component, building type)
  • Find and compare building products (by component, category, standard properties)
  • Download product data free of charge (updated daily by the manufacturer, e.g. CAD details, tender texts, installation instructions, reference images)
  • Find experts (by service, category, postcode)
  • Download calculation aids (by requirement, cost, application type)
  • Find training courses that meet your needs (by location, time, costs, TUs/points)
  • and much more.

You can also advertise the expertise of your office with an entry on the infobase. Registering a business card is free of charge for you! Register now.

Make your construction products and services more accessible!

Manufacturers usually have a wide range of products. There are countless articles and variants per product line, each with different properties and documents - from simple product data sheets (DOP - Declaration of Performance) to safety data sheets (REACH), tender texts, building authority approvals, CAD details and new market requirements in relation to BIM and sustainability data.

The infobase provides the complete solution with ideal services and channels to communicate your products and services to all desired target groups in a structured manner.

This reduces the workload of your marketing and sales teams and creates a central channel for contacting customer advisors.

Your Advantages and functions at a glance:

  • All Target groups in one place (planners, fabricators, retailers, builders, investors)
  • A strong Product profile with all important functions
    • Media gallery, description, link to company profile
    • properties declared according to standard, searchable
    • Related documents (structured according to the life cycle, as a link to your original source, no multiple maintenance!)
    • Easy to contact your company
  • Precise targeting Allocation of each product to ...
    • ... Product groups/lines/families
    • ... kits/building systems
    • ... product categories (e.g. plates)
    • ... components (e.g. interior roof cladding)
    • ... Building types (e.g. industrial buildings)
    • ... fulfilled requirements (e.g. fire protection)

There are three simple ways to enter products:

  • via online form
  • via import file / connection to your database system
  • Input by ecolearn

Publish and network your value-added offers too:

  • Training programmes (e.g. seminars, webinars, e-learning)
  • News and media (e.g. guidelines, fact sheets, films)
  • Apps, online tools and desktop programmes

Do you need extended functions? We are happy to offer you customised solutions over and above the extensive standard range - the development team at our ecolearn Agency is looking forward to your challenges!

Get the best out of your building project - with the right information and experts!

A private home is usually a one-off adventure, big dreams meet tight budgets. In the case of commercial buildings, the requirements of marketing, value retention and the fulfilment of special requirements are more important. Public buildings are also confronted with the role model function of fulfilling ambitious standards, in parallel with tight budgets and a refurbishment backlog. With all the conflicting objectives that the construction and maintenance of buildings naturally entails, experienced experts are required and customised information is essential.

The infobase guides you to the right solutions.

The following Functions will help you further:

  • Find construction partners who specialise in what you need
  • Filter information according to your target group (private, public, commercial)
  • Filter information according to your current content and thematic requirements (e.g. database for subsidies, film on window installation, guide for a bathroom renovation, ...)

Deliver the best possible quality, inexpensively and on time!

The demands placed on the skilled trades have increased significantly in recent decades. It's not just the technical requirements that are becoming more demanding. The demands of customers have also changed since it became so easy to share beautiful pictures and build dreams digitally. Despite all the digitalisation, the shortage of skilled workers is making us aware that the skilled trades are valuable and can't be done without energy! But digitalisation helps to make everyday life a little easier. And that's why we started infobase - we want to offer a platform for everyone involved in construction!

The infobase is your digital companion - knowledge, products and instructions at the touch of a button.

For following cases you can use the infobase, for example:

  • For work preparation
  • To call up product data (assembly instructions, safety data sheet, waste code)
  • To reorder products
  • To compare products and variants
  • For queries to the manufacturer
  • For the training of employees
  • For researching data sheets, for example
  • Overview of applicable standards
  • To find experts by postcode

You can also advertise your company with an entry in the infobase. Entering a business card is free of charge for you! Register now.

"More presence and democratic influence!" Do you represent a very specific professional or interest group and thus offer the construction industry a clear perspective? Or do you support processes in the construction industry through your business field? On the infobase you can place yourself in the right context and present your offer! 1. create a company profile
  • Describe your institution succinctly in a few words so that the target groups get a quick overview
  • Add your contact details
  • We have ready-made containers for all your channels (social media, newsletters, feeds) so that people can quickly link to you
  • All added value offers are clearly bundled in your company profile!
2. advertise your offers
  • Dates for seminars & webinars
  • Links to your media such as guidelines, information sheets, films
  • Links to apps, online tools and desktop programmes
  • How does the infobase fit into your company? You can test the infobase now and enter up to 3 free contents yourself. It is also possible to register at attractive prices, please contact us about our offers!
All content is linked to our filters so that you can find the right components of the building model, the right project phases and requirements! We are also happy to support you in creating digital teaching media, e.g. webinars, online courses and short films. Do you have any questions? Please send us an e-mail to