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With our e-learning courses, we also offer companies and educational institutions the opportunity for individual further training. Participants receive personalised training certificates, e.g. for the German Energy Agency (dena). The courses can be completed at your own pace - as easily as a book, with many interactive extras such as exercises, illustrations, videos and work aids.

On this page you will find offers for multiple licences of our products or packages that can be passed on by companies or educational institutions to their employees or training participants, for example.

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Every person who receives a licence requires a Own user accountin which the progress and the personalised training certificates are stored. Please give each participant the Names of the licensed products, the associated Licence key and the following Instructions:

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You can find our online courses and exams sorted by category here:

ecolearn inside

NEW! Heat pump knowledge - compact and multilingual!

Enter the world of heat pumps with our latest e-learning programme. Compact, multilingual and specially designed for beginners and career changers designed to make learning easy and effective. The compact course consists of three interactive e-learning modules and a final test and was developed in cooperation with the German Heat Pump Association (BWP).

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ecolearn basic

E-learning for all those who plan and advise.

Our e-learning modules from the ecolearn basic series are aimed at energy consultants, specialist planners and tradespeople and provide specialist and practical knowledge on current topics relating to building energy efficiency and sustainability. They are recognised by the German Energy Agency (dena) with 6 units each for further training. They are also recognised by the chambers of the federal states. The courses can be booked individually or as a package and can be started at any time.

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Advantage packages

With the following packages, you benefit from reduced prices compared to the purchase of individual products.

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ecolearn basic complete package - ML (36 units)

742,50  - 990,00 

Energy-efficient buildings - ML (24 units)

495,00  - 660,00 

Heating with renewable energies - ML (12 UE)

247,50  - 330,00 

Individual products

You can also book the learning modules individually at any time and work on them at your own pace - as easy as a book, but with lots of interactive extras. Numerous exercises, illustrations, videos and downloadable work aids make learning easier for you.

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Heat pumps in energy consulting - ML (6 UE)

141,75  - 189,00 

Pellet firing systems in energy consulting - ML (6 UE)

141,75  - 189,00 

The Passive House Standard - ML (6 UE)

141,75  - 189,00 

Fundamentals of ventilation technology - ML (6 units)

141,75  - 189,00 

Airtightness of the building envelope - ML (6 UE)

141,75  - 189,00 

Calculation of economic efficiency - ML (6 units)

141,75  - 189,00 

ecolearn driving licences

Heat pumps and pellets - do you have what it takes?

Showcase your skills with a Driving licence under proof. The driving licence exams are offered in cooperation with the German Heat Pump Association (BWP) and the German Pellet Institute (DEPI). The exam questions are taken from the free online training course "Green heat".

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Heat pump driving licence - ML

29,93  - 39,90