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The pellet driving licence is offered by the Deutsches Pelletinstitut GmbH (DEPI) and is aimed at trainees and journeymen in the HVAC trade.

The exam is based on the e-learning course "Heroes of the Energy Transition". On the website www.grüne-wä all modules on the subject of wood pellets are available free of charge under the "DEPI-Online" label.

After successfully passing the test, you will be issued with your driving licence in the form of a personal certificate.

Pellet driving licence


incl. 19% VAT

Learning objectives

The following topics are covered in the examination:

  • Climate protection and energy transition
  • Fuel pellets
  • Firing technology
  • Pellet store

The driving licence test consists of 40 questions, of which 70 % (equivalent to 28 questions) must be answered correctly in order to pass the test. For each attempt, the questions within the blocks and the answer options within a question are randomly shuffled.

As soon as you pass the test, you will receive a success message and you can download your driving licence in the form of a personal certificate in your learning room.

We wish you every success!